The creative journey can be complex.

Let Flying Crow be your guide.

Flying Crow’s mission is to ensure that which you hold dear – your brand – evolves smoothly. It goes beyond stunning visuals or exquisite copy, though presentation does matter. We believe it matters equally to create an experience that honors all involved and makes your brand more powerful.

About Flying Crow Creative

At Flying Crow, we are passionate about creative and how it contributes to the evolution of a business. We’ve designed and launched award-winning brands, websites, campaigns and marketing materials for organizations large and small. While we revel in unfettered thinking, we find the most successful projects have some guardrails:

We believe wholeheartedly that we must have fun. But we take our work seriously, and we care deeply about our clients.

We Are

Laura Figueroa Ware

Principal, Head of Strategy & Content

Laura W. has engaged in creative pursuits from childhood, writing commercials, comic strips, poetry and fiction, and “inventing” products since the age of 9. She is intensely curious about how things work, why they are what they are, and how to make them better. Her favorite part of marketing is blending art and science; when she uses both sides of her brain, she doesn’t feel so unbalanced.

Laura Urban Perry

Head of Design & User Experience

Laura P. has been designing, arranging, teaching and solving since her first art class in the boiler room of Little Neck Elementary. She looks to beauty and functional simplicity in nature for inspiration, and uses layout and typography to create order out of chaos. She’s a visual thinker with a passion for words. Travel always resets her compass and fills her with new creative energy.

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